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In the Mkdir example, the given path is interpreted relative to the buildout directory, and data from the buildout directory is read. The path option is updated to reflect this.

If the directory option was changed in the buildout sections, we would know to update parts created using the mkdir recipe using relative path names.

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In subsequent runs, it compares part-configuration data stored in the. If the configuration has changed, or if the recipe has changed, then the part is uninstalled and reinstalled.

It is the job of a recipe constructor to make sure that the options include all relevant data. Of course, parts are also uninstalled if they are no-longer used.


The recipe defines a constructor that takes a buildout object, a part name, and an options dictionary. It saves them in instance attributes. The buildout object passed in is a mapping from section name to a mapping of options for that section. The buildout directory is available as the directory option of the buildout section. We normalize the path and save it back into the options directory. The install method is responsible for creating the part.

In this case, we need the path of the directory to create. We return the path that we installed. If the part is uninstalled or reinstalled, then the path returned will be removed by the buildout machinery.

A recipe install method is expected to return a string, or an iterable of strings containing paths to be removed if a part is uninstalled.


For most recipes, this is all of the uninstall support needed. For more complex uninstallation scenarios use Uninstall recipes. The update method is responsible for updating an already installed part. An update method can return None, a string, or an iterable of strings.

If a string or iterable of strings is returned, then the saved list of paths to be uninstalled is updated with the new information by adding any new files returned by the update method. We need to provide packaging information so that our recipe can be installed as a develop egg. The minimum information we need to specify is a name.

For recipes, we also need to define the names of the recipe classes as entry points. Packaging information is provided via a setup. Entry points provide a way for an egg to define the services it provides. Recipe classes must be exposed as entry points in the zc. Any number of paths can be listed. The paths can be relative or absolute.

If relative, they are treated as relative to the buildout directory. They can be directory or file paths. If a file path is given, it should point to a Python setup script. If a directory path is given, it should point to a directory containing a setup. Development eggs are installed before building any parts, as they may provide locally-defined recipes needed by the parts. We can use any name we want except that different part names must be unique and recipes will often use the part name to decide what to do.

In this case, we also specify the path to be created. In addition, the path option includes the actual destination directory. Installing data-dir. This is accomplished by logging a detailed error message and then raising a or an instance of a subclass of a zc. UserError exception.

Raising an error other than a UserError still displays the error, but labels it as a bug in the buildout software or recipe. While: Installing.


Getting section data-dir. Initializing section data-dir. Error: Invalid Path Recipe Error Handling If an error occurs during installation, it is up to the recipe to clean up any system side effects, such as files created. Normalize paths and check that their parent We meant to create a directory bins, but typed bin.

Now foo was left behind.

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Now they fail because foo exists, because it was left behind. Because recipes most commonly create files and directories, buildout provides a helper API for removing created files when an error occurs. Option objects have a created method that can be called to record files as they are created. If the install or update method returns with an error, then any registered paths are removed automatically. The method returns the files registered and can be used to return the files created.

We did this for illustrative purposes. It would be simpler just to return the paths as before. A section has a section header followed by 0 or more section options.


Buildout configuration files may be viewed as a variation on INI files. A section header consists of a section name enclosed in square braces.

Whitespace surrounding section names is ignored. A section header can optionally have a condition expression separated by a colon. See Conditional sections. Options consist of option names, followed by optional space or tab characters, an optional plus or minus sign and an equal signs and values. An option value may be spread over multiple lines as long as the lines after the first start with a whitespace character.